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Message from Chairperson

First off, let me extend you all a warm welcome to Samriddhi!

Samriddhi College was established with a mission to equip students with competencies they need to thrive and grow in an ever competitive economic landscape. Our approach to educational excellence is primarily rooted in the belief that students need to have both character and credentials to lead successful lives and play roles of good citizens contributing to greater good of the society. This explains the holistic approach we embrace in carrying out our academic activities and engaging with our key constituents – students, parents and community at large. Our academic portfolio spans a range of domains including Information and Communications technologies (ICT), business studies and social-works.

We at Samriddhi believe that there are cross-learning opportunities among students and faculty across the range of academic streams that it offers leading to holistic learning outcomes. Along those lines, we have strategies in place to ensure that such opportunities are indeed materialized going forward. Our course offerings are strongly anchored to demand side imperatives and embrace market-oriented approach. For example, we take extra measures to ensure that our ICT courses are aligned with the dynamism shaping the sector characterized by rapid technological progress and their ramifications in the market. Similarly, our business studies and social-work academic streams are geared towards providing students with foundational insights aligned with contemporary knowledge and practical grounding required to succeed in those areas.

Let me take this opportunity to invite you to Samriddhi in your quest for finding the right program to suit your academic pursuits and career goals.

Thank you.

– Manohar Kumar Bhattarai, Chairman


Mr. Manohar Bhattarai


Mr. Naresh Prasad Shrestha

Vice Chairman/CEO

Mr. Arun Rimal

Director Of International Relations And Affairs

Dr. Dilli Prasad Sharma

Board Of Director

Mrs. Rashmi Sharma Mainali

BSW Director

Mr. Rabin Hada

Founder Member/Board Of Director

Mr. Ashutosh Rimal

Promotion And Marketing Director

Mr. Achyut Adhikari

Finance Director

Mr. Sandeep Shrestha


Social Media Handles

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